Our Equipment

Gear Cutting Equipment

Fellows 7A Gear Shaper (7″ dia. x 2″ face capacity)

Fellows 6A Gear Shaper (18″ dia. x 5″ face capacity)

Fellows 20-5 Gear Shaper (20″ dia. X 5″ face capacity)

Barber Coleman Gear Hob (14″ dia. x 24″ face capacity)

Measuring Equipment

Brown & Sharpe “One” Coordinate Measuring Machine (x28″ y40″ z28″)

Brown & Sharpe Granite Surface Tables

Mitutoyo PH-350 Profile Projector

Brown & Sharpe Height Gage

Sunnen Dial Bore Gage Set (0.250" x 8" range)

Assorted Micrometers, Indicators and Other Measuring Tools

CNC Lathes

Hardinge CHNC II + CNC Turning Center (1.625″ dia. bar feed capacity)

(1) Tsugami BS 32 CNC Swiss Turn Screw Machine with IEMCA CNC BOSS 542 Automatic Bar Feeder (1-1/4″ diameter Bar Feed Capacity)

Mori Seiki SL-25MC/500 CNC Turning Center (13.4″ dia. x 21.7″ center distance)

Mazak M4 CNC Turning Center (21″ dia. x 60″ center distance)

Wire EDMs

Fanuc 4-Axis Wire EDM (Travel x19.5″ y13.7″ z7.9″)

Fanuc 4-Axis Wire EDM (Travel x13.7″ y17.7″ z7.9″)

Elox Vertical EDM with 12″ x 20″ Tank (Travel x9″ y6″ z5″)


Blanchard Vertical Rotary Table Surface Grinder (42″ dia. capacity)

Landis Cylindrical Grinder (24″ dia. x 72″ long capacity)

Brown & Sharpe Automatic Surface Grinder (10″ x 30″ capacity)

TOS Cylindrical Grinder with Internal Grinding Capability (11.750″ dia. x 40″ long capacity)

CNC Machining Centers

Monarch VMC-150 CNC Machining Center w/ True 4th Axis Rotary Table (x74″ y30″ z37″)

HAAS VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center w/ True 4th Axis Rotary Table (x40″ y20″ z25″)

Mori Seiki MV-40B Vertical Machining Center (x31.5″ y16.1″ z20″)


(2) Hardinge Speed Lathes (1.0625″ dia. bar feed capacity)

Hardinge HLV Tool Room Lathe

Southbend Engine Lathe (14″ dia. x 48″ center distance)

Clausing Engine Lathe (15″ dia. x 54″ center distance)

Southbend Engine Lathe (17″ dia. x 102″ center distance)

LeBlond Engine Lathe (19″ dia. x 78″ center distance)

Southbend Engine Lathe (25″ dia. x 116″ center distance)

Welding Equipment

Miller Syncrowave 351 Constant Current AC/DC ARC Welding Machine

Miller CP-300 Wire-Fed (MIG) Welding Machine

Miller Maxstar 140 115V/230V Portable Welding Machine

Acetylene Units Equipped w/ Metal Spraying Attachments

Milling Machines

(3) ProtoTrak CNC Milling Machines

(4) Excello Milling Machines

(1) Bridgeport Series 1 Milling Machines

Clausing/Kondia Milling Machine

Correa Horizontal/Vertical Milling Machine (Travel x51″ y13.875″ z20″)

Heat Treating

Reeco Heat Treating Furnace

Clark Hardness Tester


Wells Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

DoAll Vertical Band Saw Equipped with Power Feed and Contouring Capability

Bewo Cold Saw


Sunnen Manual Honing Machine

Sunnen #1804 Automatic Honing Machine

Davis Keyseater

Trinco Sand Blaster

Ray-Dyne Dynamic Balancing Machine (1500 lbs. Capacity)